I USE painting, photography, video and sound in my works and installations. In the installations, and in works related to space, an essential element is transparency.  I consciously mix different levels of rational and meditative thinking; combining the intellectual and emotional in art fascinates me.
IN MY recent productions, installations and the use of moving images are emphasized.
Man’s corporeality, quality of experience and direct relationship with the world bring about tensions which I explore in my works. The world of a human mind, consisting of psychic phenomenon like memories, touches, dreams and perceptions, thoughts and emotions, are the elements of my art.
THE EXPERIENCE of the layered structures of the mind and simultaneous levels of psychic functions demands a transparent method of representation, which facilitates the illustration of different elements of multidimensional reality in one piece of art. This is my intention in installations where I associate strongly corporal video material with sound and photos.


Coming: Exhibition at 00130Gallery Helsinki at may 2010.




Dive exhibition at tm-Gallery 2006.



by  Mika Karhu
Artist, Researcher
THE ART of Selja Raudas challenges us to confront the pain of closeness. This pain is due to the fact that as human beings we must confront our dependency on our fellow human beings. Each of us is tied to other people. Being a human is about being in the world together with all other entities, which are defined most of all in that they are existing. Being in the world is based on the idea of the human as an organic part of the world. The human is equal with all reality, not a soul floating in the sky and a separate subject. Humans can only understand the world as a part of it, which gives our understanding a definite perspective.
BEING in the world is not defined and limited by conditions like the laws of nature, but it is also a unity. I share my world with others, even if there is no one concretely present.  Other people are always included in my functioning, existing in my relationship with the world.
OTHER people are connected in fundamental way as constructors of the self and the world, to the constitution of the self and the world. They are included in the conceptual context where my understanding and idea of the world is formed.
THE TRUTH, therefore, always has its own social context, which gives it a certain space in which to move. There is no universal truth, but it’s not a question of relativity either, because the question is explicitly of being together, and being in the world, which gives a certain place to every individual and culture. Being requires honesty.
 THE RECENT works of Selja Raudas enlightens this basic foundation of sociality. Her transparent and layered installations extend the refined language typical of her previous work, where moving images and the use of light play an important role.